Taylor, I Got Your Back! After all, I Danced on top of a Jeep Wrangler at 7:00AM Listening to “Love Story” in 2009

I can’t remember which holiday weekend it was, but the year was 2009 in Galveston, TX. All of my closest friends were there with me, but they were passed out in the beach house with the exception of myself, Patrick, and Brooks. The sun was starting to come up from the night before, which meant that we should probably join everybody else and throw in the towel. One would think that, but not the three of us. Not a chance. The band was back together and there was still beer to drink. We tried to wake everybody up to see if we could get them to rally, but we were unsuccessful. Patrick, Brooks, and I then told our friends they were lame and we went across the street to the beach… it was almost 7:00AM.

Anyone that knows me and my twin brother, Patrick, knows that we love traditional, cry in your beer, good ol’ fashioned country music (especially when we have beer to cry in) which we did. Anyone that knows Brooks, knows that he loves any Taylor Swift song whether he has a beer or not (but especially when he has a beer) which he did. As you can imagine, it is always quite the power struggle between us to see who has control of the music, but Brooks usually does end up the victor. He’s a relentless DJ.

At the beach, we all had a beer in our hand and Brooks decided it was time to fire up the Taylor Swift tunes (shocking). This time he went with “Love Story”. The next thing you know, Brooks and Patrick were breaking it down letting the sand be their dance floor and I was on top of my brother’s Jeep singing every word I knew. You may be asking yourselves, “Is there something wrong with three dudes drinking beer on the beach and dancing to Taylor Swift at 7:00AM?” Well the answer is no, the girl can write a song.

Fast forward to today, December 16, 2017. It’s Saturday morning and I decided to come up to my office to catch up on some work. The weekends are always good for that. I’ve got a hot cup of coffee and I’m scrolling through my Twitter feed. I always like to read the news until I finish my cup and then I get to work. As I was reading, I came across this article,

“Swift celebrated her birthday on Dec. 13 and took to Instagram to share with fans that she ‘couldn’t have asked for a better year.’ But the ‘Reputation’ singer was immediately shot down by fans who criticized Swift for being ‘tone deaf’ to major 2017 events.”

Well here’s to everyone blasting Taylor Swift for having a good year right now… I myself could not have asked for a better year as well. I could have lost my daughter in February, but she is now receiving a treatment that saved her life and we get to celebrate Christmas together as a family.

As for me, I like to live my life focusing on the things that I can control. We all get one vote, and I vote we all go do something that is within our control. I know we all want to make this world a better place, so go out today and make the world a better place. Go grab a cup of coffee with a friend who just went through a bad breakup or lost a loved one. Go buy lunch for someone who needs a hot meal. Go offer forgiveness to someone you’ve been fighting with. Go volunteer at a retirement community or at a children’s hospital, or just go to the beach with your friends and dance on top of your car while listening to Taylor Swift. At least then, you’ll have created one incredible memory.

Taylor, I got your back (and obviously, so does Brooks).

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